C-section scar revision

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About the procedure

During pregnancy, the abdominal wall undergoes significant changes. In order to accommodate the shape and size of the developing baby and uterus, the abdominal wall expands and creates new skin. After a cesarean section, or c-section, the baby is delivered and the abdominal wall slowly shrinks over time. However, despite exercise and weight loss, the new skin does not go away and can appear stretched out and floppy. Similarly, the actual scar of the c-section changes as well. Although the skin of the abdomen may be lined up on both sides of the scar immediately after the baby is delivered, the changing shape of the abdominal wall may cause the skin on the upper and lower sides of the abdomen to become uneven. This unevenness can lead to skin irritation, clothes not fitting correctly, and generally does not have a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

In order to revise the c-section scar, Dr. Hirsch will cut away the scar, elevate both sides of the scar, and contour the skin flaps to that they are of similar thicknesses. Then, he will meticulously suture the layers of the skin together so that they are lined up and one side no longer hangs over the other side. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Hirsch pays special attention to scar appearance and is careful to make each scar appear the best that is possible. He may use liposuction to improve the contour of the C-section scar area as well.

C-section scar revision is an outpatient procedure, and patients may go home on the same day as surgery. In most cases, drains are not used during this procedure. The amount of recover time depends on how extensive the scar revision is, but in general there is not a significant amount of pain or discomfort following C-section scar revision.

Frequently asked questions about C-section scar revision:

I have a hernia in my old C-section scar. Can Dr. Hirsch fix the hernia when my c-section scar is revised?

Hernias at the site of a previous C-section incision are very common and can cause significant pain and discomfort. In most cases, Dr. Hirsch can fix your c-section scar and hernia during the same operative procedure.

The skin on my belly has been very floppy since I had my child, and I don’t like the way that my C-section scar looks. Is there a way to improve both the scar and the appearance of my belly skin at the same time?

Yes! One way to improve both the appearance of the abdomen and the C-section scar is to perform an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery. During a tummy tuck, the skin on the abdominal wall is pulled tight and the extra, saggy skin is removed. Because the skin is pulled down tight, in most cases the old C-section scar is completely removed and is replaced by the abdominoplasty scar!

Is C-section scar revision covered by insurance?

C-section scar revision is usually not covered by insurance. Dr. Hirsch and his staff will work with you to determine if c-section is covered by your insurance company. Dr. Hirsch also offers breast augmentation,breast reduction, and breast implant revision at his plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles.