Dysport Sherman Oaks

Dysport® is an FDA approved injectable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Dysport® has been used for many years and has proven to be safe and effective. During your consultation at our Sherman Oaks office, our expert injectors will first assess your needs and then craft a customized treatment plan to maximize your results. Dysport® can be used at the same time as other injectable treatments, laser treatments, and skin care treatments. We custom order our needles, which are specially designed to minimize pain and bruising. Most patients are able to return to work or home without anyone knowing that they were treated!

Dysport is long-lasting, fast-acting, and natural-looking neuromodulator. It does not affect the movement of the rest of your face. Many wrinkles are caused by facial movements from muscle contracts. Dysport prevents these contractions and prevents and reduces wrinkles. Each treatment takes about 10 to 20 minutes in to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dysport®

What is the difference between Dysport® and Botox®?

Dysport® and Botox® differ in their chemical structure. This means that different number of units of Botox® are needed to achieve a similar effect of Dysport® for our Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles area skin care patients. The treatments are equally effective, and some patients may find that Dysport® even works better for them. Other options on the market now include Jeuveau and Xeomin.

How Long Does Dysport® Last? When Can I See The Effects Of Dysport®?

Most patients who receive Dysport® injections in our Sherman Oaks Med Spa will notice the effects of Dysport® within 1-2 weeks. The results last around 3-4 months. For some patients, the treatment can last up to 5 months.