Los Angeles Juveau Injections

Juveau® is the newest and most recent FDA approved injectable treatment for wrinkles. Introduced in 2019, Juveau® works by relaxing the muscles of the face. This smooths fine lines and wrinkles in order to restores a youthful, rested appearance. During your consultation at our Sherman Oaks office, our expert injectors will first assess your needs and then craft a customized treatment plan to maximize your results. Our injectors will then give a series of injections into your wrinkles. We custom order our Juveau® needles, which are specially designed to minimize pain and bruising! Most patients are able to return to work or home without anyone knowing that they were treated!

Frequently Asked Questions about Juveau®

When can I see the effects of my Juveau® injection? How long does Juveau® last?

Most Los Angeles Juveau® patients will see the effects of the treatment within 2-3 days and can reach max effect in 1 week.  The total effect of the injection lasts around 3 months for the majority of patients.

What is the difference between Juveau® and Botox®?

Juveau® and Botox® differ in their molecular structure.  This difference causes Juveau® to have a faster onset, meaning that patients will see the effects of their injections sooner.  There is no difference in how the injection feels.  For many patients, Juveau® will work better for them than Botox®.  If you've been using Botox® for a while and feel like it's not working anymore, Juveau® might be what you need!

What other uses does Juveau® have besides treating wrinkles?

Juveau® can be used for pretty much everything that Botox® can be used for, so migraines, TMJ, and muscle spasticity can all be treated with Juveau®!