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About the procedure

Minimally invasive body contouring is very popular, with good reason!  Everyone wants a low risk procedure that will give excellent results.  By far, the most effective technique available today for Los Angeles body contouring patients is liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure that is used by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Hirsch to artfully sculpt the  body.  During liposuction, fat cells are mechanically disrupted by a special type of instrument called a cannula, and are then removed from the body via suction.  Dr. Hirsch uses the newest minimally invasive power assisted liposuction techniques to reshape and contour the abdomen, flanks, and other parts of the body.

During the Los Angeles liposuction procedure, Dr. Hirsch will first inject a solution that minimizes blood loss and reduces pain into the area that is planned for liposuction. After allowing time for this solution to take effect, Dr. Hirsch will then insert the liposuction cannula and sculpts the desired area of the body. Because the solution that Dr. Hirsch injects minimizes pain during liposuction, liposuction can often be performed under sedation rather than general anesthesia!

The video below shows Dr. Hirsch performing new, state of the art power assisted liposuction.

For our existing patients, click here to download liposuction post operative instructions.

After surgery, there may be some mild swelling and bruising depending on how much fat was removed.  Compressive garments can help minimize these effects and encourage skin to contract.  Pain is usually minimal and Los Angeles liposuction patients can return to work and regular activities quickly!

Frequently asked questions about liposuction:

What is Dr. Hirsch's liposuction technique?

Every patient is different, and at the time of your consultation at his Sherman Oaks office, Dr. Hirsch will discuss his approach to your specific body type.  The newest, most advanced liposuction technique is a multi-step process utilizing the power assist liposuction machine.  In the first stage, Dr. Hirsch infuses a dilute local anesthetic solution into the planned liposuction areas.  Next, he uses a large cannula (without suction) to break up the fat and make it easier for removal.  He then uses the suction cannula to remove the desired amount of fat, and then uses the large cannula once again (without suction) to smooth out the remaining fat and contour.  As the body heals from this procedure, the skin contracts and it is possible to achieve a dramatic result!

Can I have liposuction combined with other procedures?

Yes!  Liposuction is frequently combined with breast reduction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and other procedures. Almost any procedure can be combined with liposuction.  If you are interested, ask Dr. Hirsch about your options at the time of your consultation.

Why do I need to wear a compressive clothing after liposuction?

Wearing a compressive garment after liposuction is very useful. It helps control swelling and bruising, and encourages the skin to contract and shrink.  We recommend that patients use these garments for 2-3 months postoperatively.

Do I need to have general anesthesia to undergo liposuction?

Because Dr. Hirsch uses local anesthesia during liposuction, it can be done under sedation.  This helps speed recovery and help patients recover faster.

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