Benign Skin Cyst and Fatty Tumor Excision

About the procedure

Benign fatty tumors, also known as lipomas, are very common among people in Los Angeles as are benign skin cysts.  Frequently, these growths will present as a lump or bump under the skin, which may occasionally open up and drain (as in the case of the skin cysts).  Both lipomas and skin cysts may slowly enlarge over time, and should be removed if there is any question about their etiology or if it is unknown if the might be something other than a benign lipoma or skin cyst.

In order to remove skin cysts or fatty tumors, Dr. Hirsch will make an incision over the mass, dissect it free from the surrounding tissues, and perform whatever repair is necessary.  These procedures may be performed as outpatient procedures in the office, and there is very little downtime or discomfort.  When Dr. Hirsch removes lipomas and skin cysts, he does so with maximum attention to aesthetic detail and will take special care to place the incisions in areas where they will be the least visible.

In the majority of small lipomas and cysts, Dr. Hirsch can perform lipoma excisions in his office in Sherman Oaks under local anesthesia.  For larger skin masses, Dr. Hirsch may perform the procedure in an operating room while the patient is sedated, or occasionally under general anesthesia.  In most cases, patients can return home the same day as their lipoma excision and have minimal discomfort and downtime.  Occasionally, cysts will get infected and need to be drained before final excision.

In the video below, Dr. Hirsch performs and incision and drainage of an infected back cyst.

Incision and drainage of an infected cyst on the back

*Video has no audio

Frequently asked questions about benign skin cyst or fatty tumor excision:

Will my insurance cover the removal of my benign skin cyst or fatty tumor?

In general, most major insurance carriers will cover the removal of growths under the skin such as benign skin cysts or fatty tumors.