Patient Reviews for Dr. Elliot Hirsch:

"Dr. Elliot fixed a major problem that I was told by three other prominent plastic surgeons could not be fixed. He did a miraculous job and I could not be happier with the results. I would highly recommend him for any plastic surgery procedure."
Maria P

"Dr. Hirsch is very skilled and knowledgeable professional. He has always taken the time to thoroughly explain procedures and answer any questions that I had. If I was uncertain to make a decision he would provide insight to help me best come to my own answer. He is extremely patient. I have never had an appointment feel rushed. I would use Dr. Hirsch again, and recommend him to anyone in the area looking for service."
Theresa Rutherford

"Dr. Hirsch was extremely helpful and kind. We are visiting from out of town and he took care of my daughter. He was very compassionate and we are very thankful that he was available to help us."
Esther Streisfeld

"Dr. Hirsch exceeded all expectations for my rhinoplasty. He was attentive and caring. During my recovery he was available and only a phone call or text message away. He made me look more beautiful and improved my breathing by 100%. The results are natural and flawless. I want to thank Dr. Hirsch and his team for the excellent work and care I received."
Danielle L.

"Dr Elliot Hirsch is a master in his field of plastic surgery. My results are exciting! But you won't know, because I look so natural! Besides his extraordinary talents, he is kind, patient and attentive. Checked in with me after surgery, and called me with his unblocked cell phone with instructions to call him back if I was concerned about anything. His assistant Rochel follows his lead with availability and kindness. Highly recommended!"
Beth S.

"Dr. Hirsch was a pleasure to work with and accommodated my surgery at his once-a-week visit to Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. He diagnosed my symptoms and explained patiently how the procedure would commence. Friendly, caring, and attentive with recovery follow-ups (about to proceed with my third). His staff, specifically Rochel, is also quick to reply to emails and any additional information that may be needed.

Would highly recommend. Thanks Dr. Hirsch!"
Shane S.

"How lucky can I be to have been treated by Dr Hirsch. His calm, competent demeanor was very reassuring in a what could have been a stressful situation. After much thought, I chose Dr. Hirsch for my surgery and couldn't have been happier. His personalized care was very reassuring as well as his excellent follow up. Highly recommend."
Elisa H.

"Dr. Hirsch is a great plastic surgeon. Dr. Hirsch performed a breast reduction and breast lift and I could not be any happier with my results. His honest and calm demeanor made me feel at ease from the initial consultation to the end results. Dr. Hirsch also had great follow up after surgery. Any questions I had, Dr. Hirsch was quick to answer. I am so pleased with my results that I will return to him to get my tummy tuck.

I highly recommend Dr. Hirsch, and will refer my friends....for their "mommy makeovers". Thank you"
Jenn R.

"My 11 year old daughter recently had a large mucocele on the inside of her lip and had extreme anxiety about seeing a doctor or even talking about surgery. Dr. Hirsch was so calming to my daughter. He explained everything in a very straight forward but comforting way. She was crying and being a bit difficult about getting the initial shot for pain management (local), and he managed to help her through it. She felt absolutely nothing during the procedure, and the result is great. He was fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone."
Madelyne B.

"So, we had a bit of a scooter accident while my niece was in town visiting. You know the kind? The kind where your daughter's eyes get big while your niece goes downhill and face plants into the concrete. There was no mark on her hands, but her parents and I were prepared for some long term scars on her face, which took the brunt of the fall. Poor thing was very banged up. Dr. Hirsch took care of an incredibly panicked girl. Calmly, quickly, and with precise skill. I know, because I got to see my niece last weekend, about 2 1/2 weeks after the accident (they live across country), and her healing is coming along beautifully. I don't even see a scar above her lip. Thank you Dr. Hirsch!"
Sarah S.

"Dr. Hirsch just worked on my 8 y/o son for his congenital hairy Nevus on his back. Of course he did a great job! But what's most impressive was his bedside manner not just with my child but also with my wife and I. I am also a physician and my wife is a nurse...I know... not exactly the kind of patient's parents you look forward to encountering...and I could not be happier with how the day went today. This was my third consult (one from plastics and another from peds derm) and by far Dr. Hirsch's plan was the best for an 8 year old very active boy. Would recommend and refer both pediatric and adult nevi removal with the highest recommendation. I actually drove over 3 hrs from Fresno for this surgery but again one wants the best for their patients and kids of course! Thanks again Dr. Hirsch and I will definitely be sending you patients!"
Juan B.

"Dr. Hirsch is a great surgeon! He made me feel comfortable throughout my experience. I couldn't be happier with my results!"
Stacey Villegas

"I came to Dr. Hirsch for juvederm and i am OBSESSED WITH MY LIPS! His work is super clean! my lips look so natural. I love it!" March 21, 2016
Connie Marie

"I can't speak more highly of Dr. Hirsch and his office team! I got a breast reduction about a month ago. The day of surgery went smoothly. The team at Tarzana hospital was amazing. Since then any question or concern I have over post-op has been answered in a matter of hours by Dr. Hirsch or Brittany. They have been amazing and I really couldn't be happier with his work. Everything looks great and I very highly recommend him!"
sami M

"Doctor Hirsch and his entire team are truly amazing! They went out if their way to get my daughter in before year end. Always greeted us with a smile and answers. Surgery day went super smooth and stress free. Tarzana Hospital was amazing as well. Now his work.... amazing, one clean line no post op issues, issues. Nothing! Her breasts look amazing so far after almost 10 Days. A million thanks Dr. Hirsch, Karla you ROCK and to the entire staff.... thank you for making her dream come true so beautifully. "
Penny D

"I have been waiting for months to do this review & it is longgggg overdue!!! Dr Hirsch is the best of the best! I had a ruptured breast implant for many years & I needed a reduction but did not want any scars! When I first consulted with him it was for a few minutes but he addressed every single concern I had with the reduction & took his time explaining what would be best for me. He ended up placing my implant half over & under the muscle which gave it a natural lift. I went 2 cup sizes smaller for professional purposes. I went in a second time with my boyfriend so he could ask questions as well. And again, Dr Hirsch was nothing but pleasant, honest & very clear in what he was doing."
Jasmin S