Thigh lift (Thighplasty)

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A thigh lift procedure is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to remove excess skin and fat from the thighs. As people age, the skin of the thighs naturally sags and droops. This is especially pronounced in patients who have lost significant amounts of weight, especially after weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery. The extra skin on the thighs is not aesthetically pleasing and can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly. The skin tends to bunch around the upper inner thighs and can rub and cause irritation as well.

In order to correct this skin excess, Dr. Hirsch will perform a thigh lift procedure. During a thigh lift procedure, Dr. Hirsch makes an incision along the inside of the thigh that may extend into the groin crease, and then removes the excess skin from this area. Occasionally, Dr. Hirsch will combine the thigh lift procedure with liposuction in order to get the maximum aesthetic benefit from surgery.

Thigh lift surgery can be done under general anesthesia or under sedation with local anesthesia. After surgery, most patients are usually able to return home on the same day as surgery. Occasionally, drains may be used for a few days as well. The thighs are placed into a compressive wrap which is kept in place, except when showering, for a few weeks. Discomfort following thigh lift is usually mild, and patients are able to resume daily activities within 1-2 weeks following surgery.

For existing patients, click here to download thigh lift post operative instructions.

Frequently asked questions about thigh lift surgery:

I have lost 50 pounds after bariatric surgery, but would like to lose another 50 pounds. Am I a candidate for thigh lift surgery?

In general, it is better to wait until you have achieved a stable weight before performing any body contouring procedure, including a thigh lift.  This will help achieve a better outcome the first time around and reduce the need for a revision procedure.

When can I start exercising again after a thigh lift?

You should be up and walking the day of your thigh lift surgery, but should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks.

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